Automatic Full-Mouth Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

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Highly Efficient:  In just about 10-30 seconds you can go from morning breath to kissable with little to no effort.

Advanced Cleaning: Using the Special UV light and Ultrasonic Technology will help eliminate bad breath, bacteria & germs, and improve gum strength within 7 days of use. 

Multiple Settings: Choose from 3 modes, regular cleaning, massage, and whitening. 

Whitening Mode: Use the whitening mode for a deep and gentle whitening treatment. You'll see results after the first use! For extra white teeth, a daily treatment of 15 minutes will show a 50% improvement in less than one month. 

Safe & Sanitary: FDA-Approved, with extra soft Food Grade silicone to gently clean your teeth. Included Dock sanitizes your toothbrush within 2 minutes while charging. 

Save time and get a better clean with the Full Mouth Electric Toothbrush. It's fully automatic and covers your entire mouth all in one shot!  Once you give this toothbrush a try, you'll wonder where this has been all your life.

Come on.... Who has to brush their teeth at night and goes, ""Oh yay I'm so excited?!"" No one does that.

Except now, you can sort of be a little excited about it because this toothbrush is fully automatic. Like, you can shove it in your mouth and have it brush your teeth kind of automatic. It only takes ten seconds, and has a whitening mode.

Item Type: Electric Toothbrush
Brand Name: AZDENT
Quantity: 1 Set Electric Toothbrush
Power supply: USB charging
Charge time: 90 minutes