High-Pressure Washer and Water Gun for Automobiles

Save 72%

Make Your Car Look Like New with The High-Pressure Washer And Water Gun

• Save Money on Detailing - The high-pressure water gun will allow you to perform professional quality detailing at home. It makes old cars look like new.

• Cleans Interior and Exterior - Whether you need to clean your air-conditioning vents, dashboard, console, door jams, soiled car seats or rugs, the high-pressure washer removes dirt and stains without any scrubbing. You can clean your tires and rims, too. There’s no end to the surfaces it cleans. 

• Better Than an Airgun or Standard Water Gun - Unlike regular airguns or water guns, the high-pressure washer does more than just push air and water out of a high-pressure hose. This unique-styled washer pumps out high-pressure air and water in a swirling, tornado-like motion that lifts the dirt from deep inside crevices and fabrics enabling a deeper and faster clean.

• Saves You so Much Time - Not only does the water gun allow you to clean tight spaces and crevices in just a single pass, but its unique design of high-pressure oscillating water and air means that your surfaces (including upholstery) clean dry in record time. No more waiting all day for your seats to dry.

• Not Just for Your Car - There is no limit to the things you can clean with the swirling high-pressure washer. Use it for cleaning upholstery in your home, indoor and  outdoor rugs, and more.

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