Super Absorbent Towel for Use as Vehicle Sham, Dish Cloth, and Cleaning Rag

Save 52%

Clean Your Entire House and Car with the Super Absorbent Towel. It's the Only Cleaning Cloth You'll Ever Need.

• Cleans Faster Than Conventional Rags - The super absorbent towel holds seven times its weight in water so you don't have to wring it out as often. Makes it easy to clean up spills and wash your car with just one towel. Dry all of your dishes and your entire car in record time.

• Save Money - The ultra-durable microfiber towel outlasts other towels saving you money. The silk banded edges keep it from fraying. Not to mention it super spill-cleaning action does the work of thousands of paper towels.

• Won’t Scratch or Leave Lint - Never worry about cleaning delicate surfaces with the superabsorbent cleaning sham. It won't scratch or leave lint behind. It's perfect for cleaning windows.

• Dust Removal is a Cinch - Use the cleaning cloth dry to remove dust. Captures tons of does in one single wipe. 

• Machine Washable - The super absorbent towel can be rinsed out with ease and is machine washable.  

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