Magic Back Stretcher & Massager - Lower Spine Relief

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  • TENSION RELEASING: Lumbar back stretcher & massager stretches out your back and massages your bodies trigger points in your lower spine/lumbar. 
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjust to your desired position with 3 different levels of adjustability. Designed for all ages and suitable for any level of physical capability. 
  • IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY: Arch design creates a targeted release of tension and built-up stress in the lower back. Improves flexibility in just 5 sessions. 
  • HOW IT WORKS:  Just lie on your back, with the back stretcher positioned at the curve of your spine, and relax for 5 minutes per day. For even better results, use twice a day to get relief and restore your bodies natural posture. 3 Different settings. Use Level 1 if you are starting out. Use level 2 for active and moderate users. Use Level 3 if you are an advanced user for the ultimate stretch. 
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Built to last and support up to 250 pounds of pressure, you can be confident in your exercise. 

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