Expandable Key Holder & Keychain Organizer for Multiple Key Storage - Heavy Duty Aluminum

Save 67%

Keep Your Keys Perfectly Organized with the Smart Keychain

• Save Space - The compact, smart keychain allows you to store all of your keys neatly and compactly. No more messy, jangling keys. 

• Keeps Keys from Stabbing and Snagging - The unique pocket-knife style design of the smart key wallet allows the sharp ends of your keys to stay tucked inside the key ring. Being stabbed by your keys or having them snag on the insides of your pockets or purse is history.

• Add and Remove Keys Easily - With the portable key wallet, you can add and subtract keys with a simple turn of the screw. No more painful attempts at prying open the rings of your keychain again.

• Built to Last - The smart keychain is made with lightweight airplane-quality aluminum that is made to last.

• Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

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