Cat and Dog Nail Clippers with LED Light - Pet Nail Clipper

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Safely and Quickly Trim Your Pet's Nails Using this Cat and Dog Nail Clipper with LED Light

Never Cut Too Deep - The pet clipper comes equipped with 5X magnification and an LED light. The high-powered light illuminates your cat or dog's nails making it easier to see the vein and the quick. No more guessing. Know exactly how much to trim. 

Extra Safe - The protective guide helps you avoid over clipping. Plus, the trimmer's rubber-coated handles keep it from slipping while in use. Use the safety lock when you're done for ultra-safe storage.

No More Flying Pet Nails - The trimmer has a unique nail trapper that captures the nails as you clip. 

No More Dull Clippers - The blade on the Cat and Dog Nail Trimmer is built to stay sharp on even the toughest of nails making trimming faster and more accurate.

Note: The LED light does not allow you to see through some dark pet nails. 


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