Luminous Moon Galaxy Night Light Lamp

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This Glowing Moon or Planet Lamp Is A Perfect Addition To Your House!

  • A Fantastic Starry Galaxy or Moon/Planet Effect - This can function as a moon, planet, or beautiful starry galaxy! Fits perfectly in a kid's room or even in an adult's room.
  • 16 Color Modes - Use the remote to choose from 16 different colors, or choose to strobe through the colors. You can also control the brightness with the remote!
  • Use It As a Lamp Or Night Light - Due to brightness controls, you can use this as a dim night light or a bright lamp.
  • Touch To Turn On - Turn it on with touch or by using your remote.
  • Rechargeable - Plug it in when you need to charge it. No batteries necessary!
  • LED Bulbs Don't Get Hot - You can touch this light and pass it around the room without it getting hot due to LED lighting.
  • Comes With a Sleek Wooden Base - Pass it around or balance it on its base. The wooden base is included for free!
  • Choose FromåÊTwo Sizes - Choose from a lamp with a diameter of 8cm (3"") and 15cm (6"")