Photoepilator Hair Removal Machine

As low as $99.99
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Get Rid of Pesky Hairs That Just Won't Go Away!

  • The Easy Way to Eliminate Back, Underarm, or Foot Hair: Shaving only gets you so far. With a photoepilator hair removal machine, you can get rid of hairs that never come back. The IPL pulsed light travels deep into the skin to target hair follicles. Over time, the follicles shrink. With prolonged exposure, the hair will never grow back, so you never have to worry about hairy legs or feet again. 
  • A Gentle Treatment That Won't Irritate Your Skin: There are multiple energy levels you can select from. It's recommended to start at the lowest setting and gradually work your way up. The whole treatment will go by gradually and painlessly, so you look great without feeling a thing.
  • A Brand New You in Eight Weeks: With proper usage, you should see complete hair removal in about eight weeks. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that you see the results you want. 

Available in Black, White, and Pink!