4 in 1 Outdoor Tableware (Fork/Spoon/Knife/Bottle Opener)

Save 32%

Save Money, Time, and Space With This Reusable Outdoor Tableware Set!


  • Comes With Four Different Tools In One - In purchasing this one tool, you get a knife, spoon, fork, and bottle opener, all in one! It's easy to use and quick to wash, making this a no-brainer for a camping trip or picnic.
  • No More Plastic Utensils - Disposable plastic utensils cost more in the long run, and using them/disposing of them is seriously not good for our environment. Using this stainless steel set will keep you on the right path to being environmentally friendly as long as saving space where all of those plastic utensils would normally fit in your bag.
  • Perfect For Backpacking, Camping, And Survival - This tool folds to be approx. 4" x 1.5", so it won't take up unnecessary room in your pack. You can also keep it on your person without issue!
  • Choose From Red, Blue, Green, Or Black!

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