All-In-One Portable Razor for Women includes Soap, Water Reservoir, and Razor

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Never Be Embarrassed by Stubble or Missed Spots with the All-In-One Portable Razor for Women

• Perfect for Missed Spots - Have you ever shaved your legs to go to the beach and realized you missed a spot? The all-in-one portable razor has got your back (and the back of your legs).

• Easy to Use - The razor comes equipped with soap, shaving blade, and a reservoir to hold water. Use the handy spray button to moisten the area you want to shave. Then, turn the dial on your shaver for your soap. Turn the dial again for the razor. 

• No Razor Burn - Since the razor comes with water and soap, you'll avoid razor burn. Never be tempted to dry shave a missed spot again.

•Discreet and Compact - The circular design doesn't look like a standard razor, and it's so compact. The shaver fits easily into your purse, beach bag, gym bag or even in the console of your car. So portable you can use it before you step out of the car or even in the privacy of a restroom stall. 

• Be Prepared for Last-Minute Plans - It's perfect for those times when you didn't know you needed to shave. 

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