Cat Pouch Pet Carrier

Save 63%

Your Cats Can Travel Safely and Comfortably In Your Car and In Your Arms!

  • Easy To Carry Arm Straps - Simply slide the canvas bag over your arm or shoulder like a purse. If you have two cats, you can purchase the two-piece set and carry one on each side OR one in the front and one on your back.
  • Easy To Use - Simply slide the collar portion over your cat's head and adjust so it's snug and comfortable. Your cat's head will be exposed, but the rest of them will be safely secured. The pouch keeps your cat calm and in place. 
  • Great and Safe For Traveling In Cars - Slide the seat belt through the handle of the bag and keep your cat secure and safe in the car! 
  • Awesome For Trimming Nails - Two front paw openings make trimming nails easier than ever.
  • Pick From Four Options - Get these either in black or green and get either one or two of them (discount for two!) based on how many cats you want to transport at once.

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