Diffuser Lamp - Ultrasonic Humidifier, Oil Diffuser and Mist Maker with LED Night Light

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Make Any Room the Ultimate Relaxation Experience with the Ultrasonic Humidifier and Oil Diffuser with LED Night Light

• Set the Perfect Mood - The key components for creating ambiance are sight, smell, and feel. The ultrasonic humidifier and oil diffuser with LED light takes care of all of it for you. Perfect for relaxing alone or while entertaining. 

• Light Changes Color - The oil diffuser with LED night light comes with a variety of light settings. From "Netflix and Chill" time to meditation, you can find the perfect light setting to match your desired vibe.

• Feel Amazing - As the gentle scent of your favorite essential oil disperses throughout the room, the humidifier adds the perfect amount of mist to make your skin feel supple and soft. And the diffuser adjusts at any angle allowing you to choose the direction of the mist. 

• Easy to Use - Unscrew the lightbulb and add water plus a drop of your favorite essential oil. From there insert the provided cotton bud, screw closed, and you're set. The humidifier recharges via USB. Add the decorative rocks and fun tree to the bulb when you want to be "extra" and create a light-hearted vibe.

• Ultra Quiet - The ultrasonic air freshener and humidifier barely makes a sound, so you can use it day or night. 

What's Included:

  • One Bulb Humidifier
  • Decorative Tree and Stone (to place inside)
  • Cotton Bud
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions

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