Easy Grip Hair Removal Pads & Exfoliator

Save 67%

Remove Hair Naturally and Easily with the Easy Grip Hair Removal Pads & Exfoliator

• Save Money  - Other hair removal methods like waxing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal can cost you hundreds of dollars per visit. But the easy grip hair removal pads and exfoliator removes hair at a fraction of the cost of just one trip to the salon.

• No Nasty Chemicals or Razor Burn - Chemical depilatories and razor burn are things of the past. The hair removal pads are all natural and safe to use anywhere on your body-- even your face.

• Exfoliates - The easy grip hair removal pads also exfoliate your skin as they remove hair leaving you with beautiful, hair-free, skin. 

• Easy-to-Use - Simply affix the pad to the applicator, and use the easy grip hair removal pads to gently buff the hair away. Buffing in a circular motion yields the best results. Use the large applicator for larger body parts like your arms or legs. The small applicator is perfect for smaller areas like your upper lip or chin. 

 • What’s Included: 

  • One large applicator
  • One small applicator
  • Five large replacement pads
  • Five small replacement pads

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