Electric Back Hair Shaver
Electric Back Hair Shaver
Electric Back Hair Shaver

Electric Back Hair Shaver

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Enjoy the Smoothest Back Ever With the Electric Back Hair Shaver!

  • Shave Those Hard-to-Reach Areas: Are you tired of always having to ask your partner to shave your back for you? Now, you can take care of it yourself with this cordless back shaver! It comes from MANGROOMER and offers a 180-degree foldable design that lets you shave all by yourself. 
  • Shave Quickly and Comfortably: It comes with two blades and one foil, so it efficiently removes hair without knicking your skin. You're able to reach every area of your back from your shoulders to your pelvis. 
  • Use the Power Burst Button for Extra Thick Hair: Whether you just need a trim or need to tackle an overabundance of hair, this trimmer literally has your back. It features a Power Burst button to tackle even the thickest hairs. 
  • Cordless and Lightweight: The back shaver is easy to bring with you. Go on vacation and hop in the hotel pool after you've given your back a quick trim. It just needs two AA batteries to run, so you don't even have to plug it into an outlet!

You'll Never Need Help With Back Shaving Ever Again!



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