Forefoot Protector and Insole - Breathable Silicone Gel

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Protect Your Feet from the Pain of High Heels with the Breathable Silicone Gel Forefoot Protector and Insoles

• Say Goodbye to Blisters and Pain - The silicone gel forefoot protector keeps your foot from slipping too deep into your high heels while cushioning the ball of your foot. No more crushed toes and blisters. Now you can enjoy the look of your of high heels without the pain. 

• Make Your Shoes Last Longer - The silicone insole protects the inside of your expensive high heels from wear making them last longer.

• Even Works with Open-Toed Shoes - The nearly invisible design makes it easy to wear with most open-toed shoes. Never be without the comfort of your gel insoles. 

• Ventilates Your Foot - The delicate weave design of the forefoot protectors allows room for your foot to breathe keeping your foot dryer and preventing embarrassing odor.  

• Easy to Wash and Reusable - Simply wash your insoles with mild detergent and water, and lay flat to air dry. 

• Matches All Your Shoes - The insoles are available in nude, white, and black. Get a set of all three to match all of your shoes. 

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