Pet Education Doggy Puzzle

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Your Dog Is Bored. Change That.


  • Dogs Are Smart - Some people might not realize that dogs are intelligent beings who need mental stimulation. Just sitting around the house and roaming from room to room each day would feel stifling for you, so you can bet that your pet feels the same way. Challenge them mentally with these creative pet treat puzzles, and they'll be happy you did!
  • How It Works - Your dog will have fun discovering how to get treats out of this pet puzzle by moving pieces with their paws and noses. They're an active participant in how they get treats, and they'll love it!
  • Entertaining For You - Not only will your dog benefit from the mental outlet, but you will love watching your pet solve these puzzles. It's cool to see, plus it's pretty adorable. Win-win!
  • Options, Options - Choose from four puzzles, or get them all for added pet cognitive stimulation!!

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