Rabbit Shaped Shower Scrubber & Massager - Ergonomic Scalp Massager

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Our Rabbit Shaped Shower Scrubber is the ideal scalp massage tool when showering. It vibrates gently to massage your scalp and aid in cleaning your hair and body, while the silicone bristles improve hair growth and circulation.

Adorable: Indulge yourself with the ergonomic rabbit shaped shower scrubber. It's beautiful and delicate design provide a pleasurable bathing experience.

Healthy: It's specifically designed to have a high antibacterial effect, along with creating a delicate & comfortable feel for the scalp & body. The brush allows you to avoid finger nail contact to your scalp, causing a reduction in harmful bacteria. The brush also relieves stress with its soothing massaging bristles, while also promoting higher quality sleep. Simply use the ON/OFF switch to turn on the vibrating massaging feature. 

Design Features: The moveable brush imitates scratching of the scapulas, which can promote blood circulation, enhance your immune system, while also relaxing your today. Both sides of the brush expand the contact area of the scalp and also stimulate the cleansing of your pores. 


  • Silicone Material 
  • Vibrates and gently massages the scalp
  • Waterproof 
  • Simple ON/OFF switch
  • Promotes relaxation and relieves stress

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