Retractable Cast Fishing Net

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  • Perfect For Beginners Through Experts - Whether you've been throwing nets since you were too small see over the side of the boat or you just want to know how to throw a cast net, this is a perfect addition to your fishing equipment. It's portable and retractable, making it easy to use and easy to bring along any time.
  • Choose Your Size - You can choose how many sides you want in this multifilament net along with how many holes you require in your cast net at checkout. See sizing below! 
  • Cast Out For Anything - Whether you're looking for fish, crabs, or shrimp, this net is a great choice for hauling in your catch. 
  • Makes A Great Gift - The fisherman in your life would love to add this to his collection of fishing tools!
Length: Approx. 24"

4 Sides 4 Holes Diameter: Approx. 28.5"
6 Sides 6 Holes Diameter: Approx. 35.5"
8 Sides 8 Holes Diameter: Approx. 35.5"
10 Sides 10 Holes Diameter: Approx. 35.5"
6 Sides 12 Holes Diameter: Approx. 35.5"
8 Sides 16 Holes Diameter: Approx. 35.5"
10 Sides 20 Holes Diameter: Approx. 35.5"

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