Scoop The Poop Long-Handled Pooper Scooper

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  • Don't Use A Plastic Bag Anymore - Plastic bags are going out with the times, and it's time you got on board. Be more environmentally-friendly and scoop that poop with your new long-handled pooper scooper! Besides that, you won't have to worry about it potentially getting on your hand any longer - ew! 
  • No Need To Hurt Your Back Bending Down - The ergonomic handhold and long handle of this pooper scooper ensure that you won't get any more back pain reaching down to pick up the poop.
  • Breathe In The Clean Air Of Your Backyard - No one likes being in a backyard that smells like poo, especially if you want to have company over. Enjoy the clean-smelling breeze of your yard with your pup by your side without having to breathe in the smell of their excrement. There, that's better.
  • Size - This pooper scooper extends to 24 inches and is a convenient, easy way to pick up after your pet! 

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