Silicone Makeup Blender Sponge and Cosmetic Puff

Save 60%

Save Money and Get Flawless Application Every Time with the Silicone Makeup Blender Sponge and Cosmetic Puff

• Save Money - Other applicators and sponges soak up your expensive product. But the silicone material on the makeup blender prevents absorption allowing all of your makeup to applied exactly where you want it. The days of wasting valuable makeup are history. 

• Perfect Makeup in Minutes - Whether you're looking for a sheer application or you want to build up coverage, the silicone sponge allows you to work faster. Simply add pour half the amount of makeup you'd normally use to the silicone blender, dab onto your face, and blend. Say goodbye to adding more makeup to your brush or cosmetic puff. 

• Clean Up Is A Cinch - Other sponges and brushes take ages to wash. The silicone blender wipes clean. Run it under warm water using a mild soap for an even deeper clean. Great for on the go. No more messy makeup bag. 

• No More Boring Blenders - The handy silicone makeup applicator comes in clear, sheer colors, and other cute designs. Buy several to match all of your makeup bags and purses. 

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