4Pcs Set Protective Cat Socks

As low as $14.99
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  • FUN & SAFE: Fun for the whole house! Keep your furniture safe and entertaining with these cute cat paw socks that are sure to put a smile on everyones face who sees them! Protect your whole house and never hear screatching tables and chairs again!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made from knitted wool combined with high grade acrylic material. Cloth provides cushioning whihc keeps your floors safe from scratches!
  • BOTH MACHINE & HAND WASHABLE: Easy care and reusable! Can be washed with hands or simply put them in your washing machine.
  • MADE FOR ALMOST ANY CHAIR: Suitable for: 2.3in - 7.1in. Easy to install and fits most leg shapes (square, oval, or round).
  • MULTIPLE STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM: Comes in 4 different variations.