Blaux Portable Air Conditioner

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  • 3 Cool Modes: With 3 fan modes and a variable louver for directing airflow, you’ll always be able to customize your cooling to your personal preference.
  • Rechargeable (Cable Included): The unit is rechargeable and the battery charges by USB-C. It works cord-free for the ultimate in portability.
  • Easy Operation: No previous experience necessary! The Blaux Portable AC is designed for everyone and can be used by young and old alike.
  • Modern & Compact Layout: The Blaux Portable AC was designed with portability in mind. It fits in the smallest of spaces to provide you with the cooling support you need on those hot days. And its modern design, with its unique mood lighting feature, will compliment your existing décor.
  • Noise Free: Nothing’s worse than loud, obnoxious air conditioning. The Blaux Portable AC runs whisper-quiet so you can enjoy relaxing in your cool environment in peace.
  • Energy Bill Savings: Forget those ridiculous air conditioning bills. You’ll save so much money with this rechargeable AC unit. The Blaux Portable AC consumes very little electricity when charging and operates cord-free!
  • Easy-to-Clean Filter: When the water curtain looks clogged up, simply pull it out of the device and either clean it or replace it with a new one, if necessary.
  • Cools Rooms & Maintains Humidity: Made with the most advanced filtering and cooling technologies, this powerful AC blasts cool air, filters allergy-inducing dust particles, and humidifies.