LED Jellyfish Fish Tank Stereo Speaker and Night Light

Save 57%

You've Got to See and Hear the LED Jellyfish Tank and Speaker

• Sets the Ultimate Mood - People can't help but marvel at how cool the LED jellyfish tank looks.  The realistic jellyfish and cool glow and changing lights make it a guaranteed conversation piece.

• Awesome Speaker - Not only does it look cool, but it sounds cool, too. Hook up your favorite music player to the jellyfish tank and speaker, and it plays your tunes in stereo. 

• Fun to Own - Aquariums and fish tanks are so relaxing, but you have to feed the fish and clean the tank constantly. With the LED jellyfish mini aquarium, you get all of the benefits of having a fish tank without any of the work.

• Great Night Light - Forget boring ordinary nightlights. The jellyfish tank with its cool LED light does the job and then some.

• Makes a Great Gift - The jellyfish tank with LED light is a great gift for college students, kids, teens, and anyone who loves the extraordinary.

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