Step-In Shoe Cover (Pair)

Save 64%

Keep the Dirt Out - Especially in winter months!!

  • These Reusable Shoe Covers Snap On to your shoes to protect your floors. Use it at the office, home, or even the laboratory
  • Great for service workers, construction, remodeling, and house guests
  • One Size Fits All: Just Snap and Go!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reusable and Easily Washable

Keeping your floors and carpets clean is hard enough without guests keeping their dirty shoes on. Thankfully, with these snap-on shoe covers, it's quick and easy to prevent tracks on that brand new carpet. Just step in to the protector and it wraps around your shoes, keeping the dirt out. There'll be no more excuse for guests who shamelessly ruin your floors. 

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