Portable Pet Water Bottle and Drinking Bowl

Save 50%
  • EASY & CONVENIENT: Just like any regular bottle, the Portable Pet Bottle & Bowl features a built-in drinking bowl that fills up with the press of a button. It's super lightweight and built to be portable. 
  • SAFE & PET-FRIENDLY — FDA approved, Lead-Free, and BPA-free. 
  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVE DOGS: Ideal for Hikes, Camping, Sports, Dog Parks, and more.
  • LEAK PROOF - Avoid leakage with it's unique patented design. 
  • EASILY WASHABLE — All parts are removable and can be washed by hand or dishwasher. 
  • COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC: No one likes a bulky water bottle, especially if you're carrying one for you and your pet. This bottle is designed with your pet and you in mind. Designed to be carried and transported easily, you'll never regret taking your Portable Pet Bottle and Bowl with you on your next hike. 

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