Kids Penguin and Ice Break Puzzle Game

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The Penguin and Ice Break Puzzle is the Perfect Game for Quality Family Time

• Fun for the Whole Family - The kids' ice puzzle game is tons of fun and easy for kids to understand. It's perfect for all children over the age of three. Everyone can play.

• Easy to Play - The kids game is tons of fun and easy to play. Each player takes a turn and rolls the spinner. Whatever color the spinner selects, the player simply knocks that color ice out with a hammer. The player who makes the little penguin in the middle fall through the ice loses the game.

• Develops Dexterity - The precision required to hit with hammer improves your child's dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Great for developing real-world spacial relation skills. Plus, kids love the little toy hammer!

• Screen-Free Fun - The Penguin and ice break game requires no batteries or electricity. Perfect for screen-free afternoons and quality family time.

• What’s Included:

  • One - Ice breaking table
  • Four - Stents 
  • Two - Hammers
  • One - Penguin
  • One - Spinner
  • Thirty-eight - Blue and white ice blocks

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