Middle Finger Mug
Middle Finger Mug

Middle Finger Mug

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The Ultimate In Passive-Aggressive Pranking Is Here!

  • Prank Those Around You - You know who's the worst? Bob in Accounting. He deserves this mug. Ask him if he wants a cup of coffee, and when he agrees (what a kind gesture on your part!), hand it to him in this cup. The sneaky middle finger will be obvious only when he goes to take a drink. Just make sure not to use this prank mug on anyone in HR!
  • Well-Made And Sturdy - The ceramic and porcelain mug is made for use over and over again. 
  • Drink From It Yourself - Not only can you prank people with this, but you can drink from this mug yourself as much as you want. Bonus:  If that woman in the common area says one more negative thing, you can covertly angle this toward her for your subtle and harmless revenge. 
  • Capacity - Fill this mug with 300 ml of liquid! 



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