2-in-1 Rapid Defroster - Fast Meat Defrosting Tray and Chopping Board

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S: 23*16.5*0.2cm, 210G
M: 29.5*20.5*0.2cm, 320G
L: 35.5*20.5*0.2cm, 350G

Get Dinner Ready Quick with the 2-in-1 Fast Defrosting Meat Tray and Chopping Board

• Defrost Meat Fast - Have you ever forgotten to take your meat out of the freezer for dinner? The 2-in-1 defrosting and chopping board has got you covered. Simply set your meat on the aluminum tray, and it will defrost nine times faster than thawing on its own.

• No More Tough Meat - Defrosting in the microwave can leave your meat tough, dry, and an unappetizing color, but not the quick defrosting tray. Your meat will remain tender and juicy.

• Absolutely Safe - Leaving beef, fish, and especially poultry to defrost on the counter for hours at a time can lead to the spread of bacteria, but the rapid thawing action of the 2-in-1 meat tray solves that problem. Your entree is never left for hours in the "danger zone" temperature where bacteria spreads. 

• Great for Cutting - There’s a reason it’s called the 2-in-1 meat tray. It’s great for cutting both meats and vegetables. Save space in your cupboard.

• Easy Cleaning - The defrosting tray has a nonstick surface making it easy to clean. It's also dishwasher safe.


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