Beer Foaming Mug

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Every Beer Lover Needs the Beer Foaming Mug

• Improve the Taste of Your Beer - The beer foaming mug makes your beer taste like it was just poured fresh out of the tap, even if it's been in your glass for a while. The mechanical handle agitates the beer, improving the aromatic effect and thereby the taste. Sounds crazy, but it works. Beer lovers love the beer foaming mug.

• Get Just the Right Head - No one likes their beer too foamy, but a little bit of foam is fun. With the beer foaming mug, you'll always get the perfect head.

• Fun at a Party - The beer foaming mug is a great conversation starter for parties. People can't help but ask about it. 

• Awesome Gift - Everyone loves the beer foaming mug. It's the perfect gift for Dad and grads. 








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