3D Printed Moon Lamp with 16 Colors

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Emitting Color

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!" - 

Get the most impressive night light this world has ever seen! Inspire your imagination as you rest next to your very own illuminated 3D Moon! 

The 3D Moon Lamp is out of this world and you'll be amazed at how incredibly detailed and accurate the surface looks. 

As it rests on top of it's beautifully designed wooden stand, you can cycle through up to 16 colors on your 3D Moon Lamp with a simple tap!

Choose from any size to fit your decor, as well as the different color options. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is The Stand Included?: Yes it is!

Are Batteries Required?: No! It plugs into your standard outlet.

Are the LED Bulbs Included?: Yes they are! Just pick from the single color option, 2 color option, or the full 16 Color 3D Printed Moon Lamps.

How does it turn on?: Simply touch it to activate the built-in LED lights. Touch it again to change colors!

Light Source: LED Bulbs

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