Dog Grooming Body Blowdryer

Save 65%

Blow-dry Your Dog In A Luxurious And Comfortable Way!

More Budget-Friendly Than Regular Grooming - Taking your dog to the groomers for a bath can get pricey after a while. Now, you can get that same look just by washing them and using this blow dryer afterward!

How It Works:


  1.  Wash and towel your dog, removing excess water.
  2. Put four paws into leg holes.
  3. Lightly tighten drawstrings around tail and neck.
  4. Turn blow dryer on low or medium heat with the air speed on high.
  5. Finish with the combing brush!

Time Per Dry - Small Dogs: 8-15 minutes, Medium Dogs: 10-15 minutes, Large Dogs: 12-20 minutes

Sizes (body length is measured scruff of neck to base of tail):

  • Small: Body length 12-16", Weight 15-29 lbs.
  • Medium: Body length 17-20", Weight 30-49 lbs.
  • Large: Body length 21-24", Weight 50-95 lbs.

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