Easy Hair Bun Maker

Save 65%

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days with the Easy Hair Bun Maker

• Look Great in Seconds - With the easy hair bun maker, you'll be able to make a great-looking bun in record time. Perfect for busy mornings. You'll never want to be without it.

• Even Works On Thin Hair - The easy hair bun maker allows you to make a gorgeous full bun even if you have thin hair.

• Easy to Use - Putting your hair into a bun is a snap. Simply put your hair into a ponytail, place the ponytail in between the two strands of the hair bun maker, slide the bun maker down toward the end of your ponytail, and then roll up. Once your hair is rolled all the way to the top, secure the hair bun maker with the easy Velcro straps. After that simply pull your hair around the straps to hide the bun maker. It only takes seconds to do. Secure with bobby pins if you want to an extra tight hold. 

• Available in Different Colors - The easy hair bun maker is available in different colors you can choose the one that matches your hair.

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