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Mouse Hunt Laser Pointer Cat Toy

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Watch Your Pet's Reaction to This Hilarious Laser Pointer!

  • The Mouse Hunt Is On - Your cat is an animal with primal desires, and a main one is hunting. Give them something to chase with this handheld laser pointer that projects not just a simple dot, but an actual mouse shape onto the ground. Watch your adorable cat attack!
  • An Outrageous, Funny Cat Toy That Will Entertain You Both for Hours - Games for cats are important as they stimulate their creative minds, but this interactive toy will also fill you with laugher and is guaranteed to elicit an "aww" from everyone around.
  • Not Just For Cats - Kitty isn't the only one who can enjoy this laser beam pet toy. Your dog will love it, too! 

Three Designs:

Pink and silver laser pointers = mouse design

Blue and red laser pointers = paw print design

Yellow laser pointer = fish "training toy" design

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