Realistic 3D Dog Cushion Pillow

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  • Because Pillows Don't Have To Be Boring - When you think of pillows, excitement and humor usually don't come to mind, but with these 3D dog pillows, you're sure to laugh every time you step into your living room to find them adorning your couch.
  • Makes A Great Gift - These make a great gift for children and adults who love animals alike! Choose from six different types of dogs or mix and match. This is a gift they won't soon forget!
  • Perfect For The Dog Lover You Know - A dog on your couch or bed is always comforting, so here is one that's always there when you need it. Cuddle up with your pups, real and fake!
  • Give Your Dog A Realistic-Looking Friend - Dogs are pack animals and they can get lonely. Why not get yours a pal?

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