Sock Slider and Helper for Pregnancy and Injuries

Save 67%

Regain Your Independence with the Sock Slider and Helper 

• No More Asking for Help  - Tired of asking for help when you want to put on your socks or even going without socks because it's too painful to put them on? Now, you can do it without any help. Regain your independence with the sock slider and helper.

• Eliminate Pain - Bending to put on your socks while you're pregnant or when you have an injury can be dangerous and painful. With the sock slider, you can put your socks on or take them off while sitting upright. 

• Easy On and Off - Simply load your sock onto the sock helper, lower it to the floor with the long handle tool, and slip your foot into your sock. To take off your socks, use the handle tool to slip them off. It's so easy. 

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